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Wigs comes in various types and qualities. It is available for both men and women. Women use artificial wigs to glorify their beauty while men in most cases use wigs for covering baldness since some men also used these wigs to give their hair a perfect, beautiful shape and glow. Wigs are popular since ancient days. Different types of men's human hair wigs are available for a different use, such as Court wigs, costume wigs and etc.

In most men's the top hair falls while the side hair remains as it is so a partial hair wig is used to cover the partial side of the head from baldness. This partial hair wig is known as Toupee. There are different types of partial wigs some are made up of natural hair, while others are made up of synthetic fibers. The toupee hair wig was developed in the early 18th century. It was more popular at that time as well as now also. Shpitzel is also a type of partial hair wig that married Hasidic women wear.

Men's also dried hair wig with colors. Color hair wigs are mostly used for costume parties. There is also a great demand for color hair wigs for various reasons. Color hair wig comes in different color schemes of human hair wig. Some people color their hair for a good look while some use a color wig for temporary use. The color and shape of a wig differ from country to country.

The natural hair of humans or from goat, yak are weaved and sweft sewn carefully by hand so it must maintain the size. Wigs are manufactured by two main types machine stitched weft wig and lace wig. Machine stitched weft wig is stitched by machine whereas the lace wig is done through the hand.

We at Sai Hair and Wigmaker deals in various types of men's wigs. We provide toupee, color wig, permanent hair wig, temporary hair wig, hand-stitched hair wig, machine-stitched hair wig, partial hair wig, and etc all types of men's hair wig at Andheri, Sakinaka Area of Mumbai. Visit our wig store or contact us for wigs in bulk. We will provide you according to your requirement and need.

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