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Hair is biologically composed of protein most notably alpha-keratin. It is one of the important parts of the human body which beautifies a personality either he/she is a man or a women. Hairstyling and head covering identify different cultures and regions. Women used stylish hair wigs to look beautiful in medieval Europe. Hair exists in three main texture patterns curl pattern, Volume, and consistency. So different hair beautifies a person differently. Every person with their hair pattern are beautiful in their aspects, but a person without a hair looks unpleasant. If someone loses their hair they can look beautiful? Of Course! Yes, with the help of Wigs.

So what is a wig? how does it look? here is a short intro about wigs. Wigs are natural and artificial hair made up of synthetic fibers, human hair, and other animal hair. Wigs go under a different process to be ready for a finished product. It is weaved and stitched into two types hand-stitched and machine stitched. Both stitched wigs are useful and worthy. So with the help of wigs, you can gain your beauty. Wigs are not a new thing to this era. Someone suffering from alopecia and cancer can use human hair wigs. A human wig is in use for centuries ago. In olden times women used stylish wigs to look dazzling.

Women's hair wig is famous for its types, color, and length. These types of wigs come in various types such as custom hair wigs, Indian Women Hair wigs, party wigs, cosplays wigs, short wigs, discount wigs, celebrity lace front wig, fiber wig, full lace wig, and etc. On different occasions, women wore different wigs. Wigs for women are developed mostly from Synthetic fiber, Human hair. Futura a type of synthetic fiber can bear a temperature up to 200 degrees Celsius. While some hair is collected from dead bodies. In India, a human hair is mostly gathered from temples where the devotees have devoted their hair to God's.

We at Sai hair and Wigmaker provide various types of ladies' wigs. We manufacture, export, and supply ladies' hair wigs from Sakinaka, Andheri Mumbai Area. We can also export it in bulk. Our women's wig store has all varieties of Women's Wigs. Visit us at our office for more offers and wigs types. Below are mentioned some of our hair products have a look at it.

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